• Paul Flowers
    Senior Vice President Design, Grohe

    Tessaro is visionary. It is their ability and genuine interest in realizing a person’s potential that serves as a catalyst to take their clients where they want to go. They tune into people; their strength is their human approach. They truly care.

  • Raghu Krishnamoorthy
    VP Human Resources, GE

    Christina and her team deliver truly outstanding work. You always feel that she is on your side because she does the heavy lifting upfront, not just from a capability but also from a culture fit perspective. She has her finger on the pulse and always gives great insights into the talent marketplace. Her energy and focus are terrific as is her communication throughout the project. I have had nothing but positive experiences working with her over the years.

  • Anne Gillespie
    Global Human Resources Director, Skype

    Tessaro is innovative, as well as thorough – prepared to think ‘outside the box’ in terms of searching but also providing a very thorough brief to both candidate and client.

  • Peter Duffy
    Previous Group HRD, BG Group

    I rate Christina as a truly gifted consultant. With her team, she not only continuously seeks value maximisation, in terms of profit and commercial performance, for her clients, but, most importantly, provides insights not seen by others, especially about people and how they integrate and perform in organizations.

  • Marc Caux
    SVP, Home Entertainment, Continental Europe, 20th Century Fox

    If nothing is more unique to each person than his/her voice, the people at Tessaro are exceptionally adept at connecting with the real essence of what one wants to say.

  • Russ Shaw
    General Manager EMEA, Skype

    As part of my candidate experience, I really valued the time that Christina spent with me at the start of the process – carefully assessing me for the role at Skype. After our first meeting, I felt she had a deep understanding of me and my interest in the position, and her thoroughness put Skype in a very positive light too. This level of engagement remained consistent throughout the interview, offer and contractual negotiation stages – and, even now, months into the job, she has contacted me to make sure I had a good experience.

  • Damiano Ratti
    General Manager Italy, BG Italia

    The team at Tessaro are able to position the individuals and their talent within the context of the future of management. Irrespective of the outcome, interacting with them is a very enriching experience, both from a personal and professional perspective.

  • Eckehard Betz
    Ex-EVP, Global Operations, Grohe

    Christina and her entire team at Tessaro take a special interest in the individuals with whom they come into contact. They are thorough, rigorous and human in their process. Their talent is clearly unfolding the talent of others.

  • Sinead Lynch
    UK Country Chair, Shell

    It is rare that you meet someone who can provide top quality professional coaching in an environment of personal support, as well as offering advice in a range of areas, such as health and well being. I would wholeheartedly recommend Davina as a coach.

  • Ian Bradshaw
    Senior Vice President Australia,
    International Major Oil & Gas Company

    Davina’s coaching style is personal, holistic and highly effective; getting to know her clients, their history and current circumstances play important parts in Davina’s ability to focus her coaching on those issues that will have the greatest immediate impact. This trusting style that goes to the heart of true personal performance also lends itself well to coaching high-performing teams and learning syndicates. Time invested with Davina pays significant dividends.

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