Our Approach

Our unique way of approaching Executive Development

At Tessaro, we believe in “going with the flow” – helping our clients to build on their natural strengths and motivators and to use these strengths to compensate for their weaknesses, rather than trying to help them become someone they are not.

In both our coaching sessions and our workshops, we aim to help our clients find practical, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing them – solutions that will actually work and which they can stick to. To achieve this, we take both an “inside out” and an “outside in” approach to change.

  • The “inside out” approach involves working with our mental blockages – re-examining our assumptions, looking at the beliefs that aren’t helping us, discovering “competing commitments” that are stopping us from moving forward.
  • The “outside in” approach focuses on behavioural change, new routines and rituals, new commitments, experimentation with new ways of doing things.

Our Approach

We achieve all this by:

  • Building strong, trusting relationships with our clients
  • Helping our clients to explore their own thinking and also offering alternative perspectives
  • Recognising that “common sense is not common action” – knowing what we should be doing and actually doing it are worlds apart. We help our clients to bridge this gap
  • Supporting our clients in developing their approach to complexity and ambiguity

The workshops we run on a variety of subjects are fun, creative, interactive, very practical and flexible.

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