The sustainability of our resourcing activities

  • Retention rates of placed candidates

    • 100% 1 year
    • 87% 3 years
    • 70% 4+ years
  • A win-win for candidates and clients

    success rate of acceptance versus offer
  • Speed of delivery

    On average, we present an in-country shortlist in 8 weeks and an international one in 10
  • Our commitment to hiring talent

    70% of the candidates with 3+ year tenure have been promoted
  • Process excellence

    • 100% repeat business
    • 97% project success rate
  • Placements versus shortlisted candidates

    For every placement we make, we present two candidates on average – only the very best candidates are presented. It saves our clients time and money. This 2:1 ratio is proof of our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses.


* Based on our performance since 2002


Testimonials about us

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