Wisdom is a deep understanding of the cycles of life, and a wise leader will act in a moral way whilst reflecting calmly upon experience with the confidence of sound judgment. Such emotionally mature leaders do not simply give directions, but empower others with foresight, clarity of mind and the tools to find their own way.

Compared to judgment, wisdom is about taking the broader perspective, providing an objective and balanced view on issues and removing ambiguity from situations. Ultimately, a wise leader does not strive for perfection, but steers a middle course between naïveté and cynicism.

Typically, wise leaders are given respect rather than demanding it, are empathetic rather than egotistical, and are quick to praise and support their teams. Always happy to let others take the glory for successful outcomes, these leaders focus on the needs of the organisation and society rather than their own, and often see themselves as servants to a greater cause.

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