We believe in authenticity, not compliance;
in strength, not size; in quality of business, not volume.

  • We are selective about who we represent.
    We consider our clients’ strategy, mindset and commitment to making a positive difference.
    Not working for more than two key players in any given sector is a principled decision and allows us access to a larger pool of talented candidates.
  • We are not tied by a country-driven structure mindset or local P&L, and hence can truly deliver as a team across borders.
  • We believe in researching the market comprehensively and afresh. We provide a strong ratio of researchers to projects executed and don’t just rely on our state-of-the-art information management system. Our clients benefit: they connect with the achievers of today and tomorrow, not just those of yesterday.
  • Clients value our ability to transfer skills across sectors for the achievement of their stretch goals.
  • As a client, you can rest assured that the consultant(s) you brief will personally execute your assignment.
  • Clients take advantage of our fixed-fee structure as a fairer approach to billing that also helps them budget effectively.
  • Detail matters.
    We care about your service experience.
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