• Beyond achieving commercial success, how have you moved your company forward?
  • How do you reach the gut of your business and truly engage your people?
  • What kind of people make a defining difference to the way your company performs?
  • How do you translate values into action and appreciate their impact?
  • Ultimately, what will your legacy be?

Life is about doing – and leadership is measured by the quality of its decisions and actions.

At Tessaro, we aren’t merely interested in competent leaders. Our unique “7 Sieves” framework serves as a stepping stone to identifying and developing balanced leaders, alongside our clients’ own values and competency requirements. Each Sieve defines a specific leadership quality.
In our view, only the candidates who pass through the rigour of all “7 Sieves” will make a sustainable difference.

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Balanced leaders understand that they need to reach out to a critical mass of individuals who have similar values if they are to embed sustainable change. They will strive to ensure that over time a shift in corporate thinking and behaviour takes place. Their strategies will harmonise stakeholders’ interests and contribution to society. They realise that building long-lasting and meaningful relationships is fundamental to engaging others to play their part.

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