• Why is change so difficult and how can we make it easier?

    by Davina Wallis
    The more we can avoid fighting against ourselves (our desires, needs and personality), the happier our lives will be and the easier it will be to reach our goals. This means avoiding having to battle with our willpower or forcing ourselves to be someone we’re not.
  • Overcoming the barriers to change

    by Davina Wallis
    Here we explore other ways we can break old habits that aren’t helping us and start helpful new ones. Shawn Achor points to “activation energy” as one of the ways to achieve this, but what is “activation energy” and how can you apply it?
  • Achieving change by increasing awareness

    by Davina Wallis
    Sometimes we use the wrong strategy to create real change. To understand what we’re doing wrong, we need to look at what’s happening in the brain and approach situations differently.
  • Free Webinar - "Improving Your Sleep”

    by Davina Wallis
    Join us for a free 1-hour webinar on September 7th at 12pm British Summer Time, 1pm CET. This webinar brings together the latest findings from sleep research by global sleep scientists. To register and find out more details, click below
  • Two Free Webinars on “Emotional resilience”

    by Davina Wallis
    Join us for 2 free 1-hour webinars on September 28th and October 12th, both at 12pm UK time, 1pm CET. The first webinar deals with how to handle setbacks and stressful situations at work. The second one addresses how to deal with situations in which people make you angry or upset. To register and find out more details, click below
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