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  • Frederic Moget
    Directeur Général / Paramount PIctures France

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Christina and her team twice. Not only were they able to find great candidates but they also helped us finetune the profile we really needed beyond pure technical skills. Both times, our partnership was very successful and we hired candidates who brought the optimism, the energy and the creativity the team needed. And I know that even the candidates who didn’t get the job found their discussions with Christina helpful and insightful. A great partner!

  • Julia Halin

    I was impressed by the work performed by Tessaro team. Christina takes the holistic approach to really understand the candidate, their motivations and personality to ensure the right fit and successful integration within the team. It was a great pleasure to work together!

  • Tatjana Tasan

    Christina and the team have been spectacular, anyone out there seeking a true partner and confidante should be coming their way.

  • Sabine-Inken Schmidt
    HR Director Central Europe / Wabtec

    As much as we like promoting talent internally, sometimes we need to hire people from “outside” – and then the expectations are even higher. Christina is exceptional in understanding the business climate, the P&L and the strategic challenges and she looks at a position as if she was the Managing Director herself, which makes it very easy for her to work at the Executive Level of the company as a Sparring Partner and to talk to candidates convincingly, especially when they are not that familiar with our brand. From an HR Perspective, you could not wish for a better partner, fair – transparent – and collaborative. Christina lives and breathes partnership – she is honest, down to earth and authentic. From the candidates I have heard only that they had the best experience – and that is nice for us if someone thinks we really work with premium partners. When I look back at the successful search, then I can say that, together, we can be really proud of the placement. Together, we have provided an exceptional service to the company, but also to the employees, as we hired an outstanding leader. I can really say, from what I have seen in the market, Tessaro is one of the best, and I would always turn to them again.

  • Paul S. Sommer
    Executive Vice President Transformation / Wittur Group

    I can wholeheartedly say that the team around Christina is second to none when it comes to coaching a candidate through the recruiting process. Whether it is clearly explaining the role or elaborating on what profile elements will make the difference, the way the team stays close is exceptional. Christina has an intimate understanding of all dimensions involved: company, role and candidate. That way she is able to honestly identify a match and will not just “pitch” for business. Tessaro & team are a beacon of empathy in a hyper competitive and transactional industry.

  • Rolf F. Biesser
    Market Director / VELUX Switzerland

    We have worked with Christina and her team on three senior leadership assignments for Switzerland in the past two years.
    Christina provided an international and a national perspective, along with a high level of commitment and exceptional empathy, aiming to deliver a search that was a win-win situation for both us as a client and for the candidates involved.
    I was delighted with the thoroughness of the process and the speed and the quality of what was delivered by Christina and her team.
    Working with Christina was an enriching experience that also created value for our organization.
    Christina is one of the best in the market and I can highly recommend her.

  • Ciprian G.
    ex-SVP Global Operations Firmenich

    I’ve enjoyed my exchanges with Chris and her team. She’s so human (with soul), with a deep understanding of people’s motivations and of team dynamics. Furthermore, she’s visionary about the need to change. She focuses, as I never seen before, on the cultural fit between the candidate and the recruiting manager and his/her team. I appreciate the Tessaro team’s hard work to identify and assess the candidates and keep them motivated, even through long and complex processes.

  • Florian Ritter
    Founder of THE YELLOW CO.DE Ex General Manager, Paramount Pictures Germany

    Thank you Christina & Davina, thank you Team TESSARO
    – always humans and character first, for me clearly the perfect go-to place when it comes to sound & quality corporate recruiting & profile matchmaking and uplifting individual coaching for your best future development and your opportunities.
    Davina supported me throughout and beyond our coaching sessions from day one of my transition phase from corporate into founding my successful own business. With her amazingly wide expertise, great coaching & guiding agility and her very individual and empathetic style, Davina initiated and created a deep, honest & value driven development process for & with me. Based on my (yellow) personality & character she was engaging and challenging my past, my current status as well as my visions and helped me evolve and build MY (yellow) path not just to any next chapter and new job but to the best new opportunity in MY career & MY life at this point of time.
    I could not be more thankful and appreciative of the outstanding support I experienced – truly RETHINKING INTERACTION for MY better tomorrow – a connection & partnership I will not miss out on future and which I highly recommend to anybody

  • Barbara Pavone
    Senior Executive | SVP | CMO / Former SVP in Warner Bros Entertainment

    I was contacted by Christina Tessaro for a Managing Director role. She was exceptional from the beginning to the end of the recruiting process!
    Firstly, she builds a deep and complete professional and personal profile of the candidate, like no other HHs have ever done in the past. She acts as a real partner for the hiring Company, submitting only a few candidates she really believes are a good fit for the job.
    In the course of the process she acts not only as a consultant but as a coach for the candidate, providing all the right information and suggestions at each step and updating you on progress.
    Lastly, at the end of the project, she provides honest and complete feedback to the candidate, making clear the business and organizational reasons behind the Company’s final choice.
    I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to know and work with Christina, as I believe she is the best HH I’ve met and I do hope to have other chances to work with her in the future, as she’s a fabulous partner for the candidate and for the hiring Company.

  • Xavier ALBERT
    Managing Director / Universal Pictures International France

    I recently had the chance to have some coaching sessions with Christina and I must say it has honestly been a real game changer for me. I’ve already had a few coaching sessions in my career but I’ve never been given insights into my personality and my management skills that were so clear, intelligent and emotionally intelligent. Christina sometimes made me feel like I was speaking to my own reflection ! The advice she gave me, the guidance, the examples she shared to illustrate her insights and the conclusions of her thinking were extremely accurate. I could not recommend Tessaro highly enough and hope I’ll be able to partner with this company once again in the short term and long term…

  • Benjamina Mirnik-Voges
    Managing Director / Entertainment One Germany GmbH

    The experience of working with Christina was amazing. Not only did she take the time to get to know me thoroughly in the first interview ,to be able to assess me at a deeper level, but she also made sure that the company was the right fit for me and for my skills. She has a keen eye for people and detail, a good understanding of what makes someone tick and what a suitable next step should look like. Her quick grasp of a situation, her dynamic personality, her emotional intelligence and her intelligence make her a pleasure to speak to. I can wholly recommend working with Christina, one may even learn something new about oneself.

  • Francesco Tutino
    Global HR Business Partner IVECO Brand / CNH Industrial

    An all-inclusive corporate reorganization, a change of Business Leader, the creation of a new team, as well as strategic executive selection & hiring – this is how I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Tessaro.

    I truly enjoyed, above all, the capacity of Christina and Davina to build strong customer intimacy, based on their never-ending willingness to understand the context and share valuable thinking.

    An overall partnership that went above my expectations.

  • Paul Dempsey
    President Global Markets / BBC Studios

    I have benefited hugely from my deep and enduring relationship with Tessaro. On the recruitment side of the business, Christina has consistently gone the extra mile to understand my needs and, as a result, has invariably been able to find ‘the’ candidate for the role. And on the coaching front, the genuinely life-changing support that Davina has given to me, as my coach, has been the best coaching experience I could have imagined. Davina is truly gifted in her ability to understand and help guide people through the journey of self-improvement. I am happy to recommend Tessaro and their recruitment and coaching expertise unreservedly.

  • Jason Ollivier
    Chief Disruption Officer / Contis

    Christina applies her intellect and empathy to get under the skin of the hiring organisation, the hiring leader and the candidates like no other. The Tessaro team pursues the vision cleverly and with imagination. The results are consistent and first-class.

  • Andreas Berger
    Managing Director / Stemmann Group, Wabtec Corporation

    The communication with Christina and her team was professional, as well as friendly. Christina had a very good understanding of the business-related requirements for this new position and an even deeper knowledge of the skills a candidate would need to match the requirements of the role. Our discussions were characterized by her deep interest in understanding the key drivers of the personality behind of the CV. Within this “joint journey”, I appreciated the special way that she went about forging a respectful personal relationship with me. Even one year into my new position, I still feel the perfect match between the role we discussed and my wonderful challenges in daily business life. Thanks and congratulations to Christina and her Tessaro Team!

  • Bobbie Andrews
    Marketing Director

    My first meeting with Christina was one I will never forget. Within a very short space of time, she understood me as a person, my goals and motivations. Her advice and coaching certainly pull no punches, stripping away any pretence or self-serving bias, replacing them with a realistic and practical approach to help you achieve your ambitions. I am truly grateful for the time Christina invested in me, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tessaro to anyone.

  • Adrien G.
    Marketing Director EMEA

    I have been really impressed by Tessaro from the first contact: the brief was simply the best I ever received, it showed a full understanding not only of the job but also the company, the industry and its full landscape. Then I had a chance to meet Christina who left me totally puzzled by her capacity to ‘read’ a candidate, almost supernatural! I fully trust her to find the best match for both the candidate and the company!
    Greetings to Christina, Revital, Leda, Anca and Rossella.

  • Robbie Ashcroft
    Entertainment Development Partner / The Story Lab

    My time with Christina was invaluable. Her approach was unique and left me feeling re-energised. I’d recommend any professional who is considering their next move to meet Christina, as she is great at getting to the heart of what matters most to you, can give you clarity on where your strengths lie, and will provide you with excellent advice on next steps.

  • Massimo Pasini
    Head of Category / Grandvision Italy

    There are days in our lives which we should circle on the calendar, to mark the date. One such date for me is 5th March 2019, when I met Christina. In the time we spent together, she was able to uncover every thread of my way of working and operating, going deeper and deeper, helping me to understand myself and to raise the bar of my working life and my way of interacting with others.

    Quite simply, illuminating!

  • Guillaume Pfister
    Head of Marketing / Deezer

    Christina and the Tessaro team are very focused on individuals and their very specific skills. They are human, thorough and empathetic and thereby build strong executive search expertise.

  • Antoine GOUIFFES-YAN
    Marketing Director / CGR Cinemas

    Christina and her team have exceptional expertise. I was impressed by Christina’s ability to accurately analyze my professional profile and to guide and advise me to highlight my strengths and emphasize my potential. Christina’s chiselled knowledge of the entertainment industry as a whole allows her to immediately understand the challenges of any application.

  • Julia Koers
    Marketing Director / CRH

    It was a pleasure working with the Tessaro team. The personal contact and level of professionalism in interviewing and giving feedback was highly appreciated. Also prepping me for conversations with my potential employer was very useful. Although, in the end, I chose a different option I would really like to thank the team for their friendly and collaborative attitude!

  • Chris Spelman
    Marketing Director / 20th Century Fox

    I recently worked with Christina during the selection process for my current position. The experience has been one of the most valuable of my career to date. Aside from the professionalism, Christina’s guidance, analysis and empathy was truly outstanding. I hope to deal with the team at Tessaro again in the future.

  • Aaron Smith

    Typically I don’t have time, or don’t want to take the time, to write “reviews” of products or services, but I feel that it’s important to highlight the true professionalism of everyone at Tessaro, most importantly that of Chris herself. From the simple task of providing the correct level of detail about a role to the efficiency of going one step further to help you understand the challenges, culture and vision of a new organisation. The preparation that Chris & her team put into my opportunity at Contis was exactly where the recruitment bar should be set! Joining any new company, regardless of the seniority of the position, can be a challenging time for both employer and candidate. Chris and her team set such a brilliant context and they have clarity about the situation. Chris set transparent expectations – for both parties – so that it left no stone unturned.
    Moreover Chris provided personal feedback on the best way to be considered for positions and how to set yourself up for such senior roles, it is fair to say she went “above & beyond” what was expected of her!

    I have no doubt our relationship will only grow, as I am sure I will reciprocate with gratitude, by using her services to find the right senior candidates in the future for my team!

    Thank you Chris, Leda, Anca, Revital and Rosella – you’ve brought about positive changes in my life – in more ways than you can imagine! May you all find happiness in life!

  • Luca Sommacal

    Christina support in coaching personal career development is unique. Rigour and pragmatism are the distinguishing features of her approach. Skills, competencies and ambitions are perfectly assessed and addressed. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    I have enjoyed dealing with this small, yet extremely professional, resourcing specialist. Christina and her team always came up with very relevant opportunities that matched my expertise and ambitions, demonstrating a sound understanding of the business context and the role’s requirements. They have been always extremely discreet and so very attentive to confidentiality. Also they are punctual and professional in the follow-up process and related feedback. I heartily recommend the Tessaro team!

  • Costas Antimissaris CEO Spain, Douglas

    I consider it my duty to highlight the outstanding process I have been through during my selection process to join Douglas Spain as CEO. During my career, I’ve been through several selection processes with various “established” headhunters. Christina (Tessaro) has undoubtedly been the first one who acted so professionally during the process in order to equally support both parties, and not only the company/client. I have been through a rigorous 360 process, exposing all sides of my professional experience and skills. At the same time, I’ve been extremely well guided and coached through the whole process. Having been 6 months in the role now, I can confirm that the Company and Role description given by TESSARO during the process was realistic and accurate. It’s also worth mentioning the human side of the approach. A serious selection process is a demanding process for the potential candidate who is called on to make a serious decision. Christina’s guidance and support definitely made this process easier. Thank you once more Christina and all the best for the future!! Costas

  • Zoran Roso

    I can, without a doubt, describe Christina Tessaro’s work as an Executive Search Consultant exactly as it is: the single best experience with a recruiter I had so far in my career. It is not often (let’s say never) that being presented with a job opportunity leads to so much personal insight. The experience leaves me deeply impressed and I recommend her and her team to anyone in search of meaningful HR expertise and services.

  • Federico Gaggio

    I had the pleasure of receiving Tessaro’s call for an opportunity too good to miss. Across a number of calls and interviews, Christina and her team have been amazingly engaging and helpful. Her genuine curiosity and humanity, paired with extensive knowledge and in-depth analytical abilities, gave me a memorable and valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I very much look forward to working with Christina and her team again.

  • Christian Hauke

    If I had to pick one thing to best describe the work of Christina and her team it is the absolute unique ability to identify and challenge the relevant skills of candidates for the position to be filled. During the open and transparent process, I even got to know myself better, how I could fit this role and the company culture. This helped me to fit in very quickly. A triple win: for the company, the candidate and the Tessaro team. Thanks so much for your great, passionate and reliable work!

  • Alan Honan - Managing Director KFC Spain

    Working with Tessaro was an enriching experience and one that added tremendious value to me personally. Christina´s refreshingly direct style was tempered with the confidence one associates with an expert, a true professional; she is on your side and wants to present the best possible “you”. This is achieved by a firm focus on how the candidate has overcome specific strategic challenges and what was achieved. No nonsense. It is not wonder she works with top companies.

  • Gustavo Calvo Cruz

    I really was positively impressed by Christina’s analytical skills and the conclusions she reached after my interview. She explained, in a very detailed way, many of my personal and professional characteristics and was able to assess, through a rigorous process, the requirements of the position. The professional way she updated me on new developments and the human warmth of the Tessaro team left an unforgettably good impression. I will always be delighted to work with or help this excellent group of professionals.

  • Félix Fernández de Gabriel

    It has been a pleasure working with Christina and the Tessaro team. Christina managed all the process in a very professional way explaining the position in a very detailed manner and providing constant advice and feedback .She was able to judge my personal and professional characteristics really well. From a personal point of view, I am really impressed by the close and human approach Christina and her team have. Tessaro is one of the best companies I have ever worked with and I hope I will have the opportunity to work with them again.

  • Leon Holtzhausen

    I found the experience of working with Tessaro to be both challenging and professional – it made me feel good. Christina and her team do their homework; their approach is both professional and personal. Their approach assures you that you have value and it is obvious that the Tessaro team members have a deep knowledge of what they do, with a clear customer focus.

  • Itziar Vizcaino
    HR Director Iberia. Diversity and Inclusion WCE. / MetLife

    I had a great experience working with Tessaro. Christina is a fantastic professional who offers a differentiated approach both to companies and candidates, based on deep knowledge and comprehension of needs and talent. Personal treatment is also an important value demonstrated during the whole process.

  • Rogelio Iglesias
    HR & Legal Director Iberia / KFC

    Working with Tessaro is synonymous with professionalism, quality and success. It is undoubtedly one of the best Executive Search firms, both for its warm approach to the candidates and for its strategic vision of the real needs of customers.

  • Elise Bioche
    Marketing Director South Europe / General Mills

    I met Christina as I was looking for a new career opportunity in Europe. I want to thank Christina for her transformational feedback on my CV, and her time meeting me recently. At a glance, Christina captured not only my key professional characteristics (career path, competencies, potential,…), but also who I was as a person. She’s quick, strategic, value and values lead. I wish we find a way to further collaborate in a near future. Elise

  • Chirague Bhanji

    Just recently, I had an opportunity and the luck to be part of a headhunting process with the Tessaro company in particular with Christina and Revital.
    Just wanted to thank you both for the awesome work you have carried out. Highly professional, skillful and fantastic communication. You don’t just do headhunting but actually you are true business partners and know exactly how to match the client and candidate needs. Once again thanks Christina and Revital for your support and please thank on my behalf to everyone involved in this process from the client side. Chirague

  • John Anderson
    CEO / Streetscape Social Enterprise

    I have found that Tessaro, Christina and her whole team, to be supportive and proactive. They understand that to achieve the right match that they need to genuinely understand candidates and client…..a LinkedIn trawl is not enough. Thank you team, and hope to work with you again

  • Chris Lock
    GM - Innovation / Diageo plc

    Christina is a highly insightful resourcing specialist. Through carefully targeted questioning, and a hugely personable approach she is able to truly get to the heart of both the candidate’s core skills / development areas and also the client’s real needs. She takes the time to truly understand the business and the individual, using her experience to then develop the perfect match. And importantly, she is not afraid to challenge the proposal to get to the best outcome. It has been a pleasure working with her.

  • Allan Solomon
    Global Marketing Director / International Drinks Company

    Throughout my career I have dealt with many Executive Search Firms, on both the client and candidate sides, and can categorically say that Christina and her team are without doubt the best I have ever worked with.
    Both Christina and Davina have an incredibly intuitive understanding of people and what motivates and drives them, identifying their underlying strengths (and weaknesses) to offer insight that is so much better and more in-depth than any other company can offer.
    I also believe that they genuinely care for their candidates, and where other firms exist to churn people through the system Tessaro is acutely aware of cultural fit and long-term career-building, which makes them far superior from both a client and candidate perspective.

  • Jeremy Cook
    Marketing VP / International beverages company

    Visionary, rigorous, human. As a candidate, I am extremely impressed by Tessaro. Christina and team have a deep understanding of the needs of senior leadership; dig deep to build a picture of the results, skills and true essence of the individual; every search conversation included valuable coaching and feedback.

  • Alberto Gechele Gualterio

    I had the pleasure of being selected by Christina Tessaro in the summer of 2000 for a job search she was conducting. I really appreciated Christina’s deep knowledge of the industry she was illustrating, the profound understanding of the client she was representing and the ability to explain in a simple and meaningful manner the opportunities that the role would have given me in the future. Even though I had an alternative offer that I was seriously considering, in the end I selected what Christina was proposing, not only for the quality of the role and the company she represented, but also for her ability to align both my interest and those of the company while maintaining a very professional and balanced relationship with me.

  • Peter Kartsev
    Head of Digital Licensing Rusia & CIS / 20th Century Fox

    Dana impressed me as a consummate professional with a human, personal, individual approach to doing her job. My interviews with her were a growing experience, and whenever we talked I felt myself to be her most important client at that moment. Her gift for working with people is very special.

  • Todd Huntley

    Christina and her team are highly professional and offer a client-tailored approach to recruiting that really sets them apart. I have conducted multiple Director-level searches with Tessaro, in all cases resulting in terrific hires who have stayed in the Company and thrived. Christina is unusually adept at understanding our organization and our objectives; even better is her ability to identify not only functionally qualified candidates, but people who mesh with our distinctive culture.

  • Susan Aubrey-Cound

    From a candidates perspective, Christina’s approach was unlike any other engagement process that I’ve ever experienced. It was impressively thorough, relevantly personal and incredibly helpful in establishing role and culture matches – driven by Christina’s uncanny ability to see deeply in to motivations, abilities and requirements, and then summarise them constructively. The amount of time taken, combined with the degree of consideration ad personal input, was astonishing – enormous integrity and a great pleasure to work with.

  • Pierre AUGER

    It was a real pleasure to work with Christina and her team both professionally and personally. She has exceptional skills and an outstanding emotional intelligence allowing her to detect candidates’ potential and job fit. She has also the ability to convincingly hear and listen, which was vital at an important moment in my career. It was really great working with the passionate and talented Tessaro team.

  • Thomas Bardram

    We have used the services of Christina Tessaro and her team several times and have always been very satisfied with the candidates that have been presented.
    The industry knowledge has always been second to none, but the “fit” between our company’s culture and the individual candidate has also been a key area of focus for the team which ultimately has led to a presentation of very capable and relevant candidates, helping to increase the overall success rate of each search.

  • Manuela Adamoli

    In my role as HR Director, I’ve worked with Christina directly on many leadership assignments for various business units over the past few years. What makes the Tessaro team different from the traditional search firms is the truly international scope of the shortlists that they are able to present to clients, as well as the personal commitment to make the search a real “win win” for both the client and the candidate. The partnership that Christina is able to create with the client goes beyond the normal client relationship rules. When she perceives there is a match between a candidate and a job spec, she becomes an effective sparring partner with the hiring manager, challenges HR on the briefing where needed, and pushes the candidate out of his/her comfort zone.

  • Ksenia Smolyaninova
    Marketing and Corporate Communications / PwC

    Thank you Dana for helping me perfecting my career business card – my CV. I remember that and really appreciate your help. My CV is still the best one around!

  • Mathias Linder
    Sales Director / Konica Minolta Business Solution Sweden AB

    Throughout my career, I’ve had numerous contacts with recruiters. What separates Tessaro from most other recruitment firms is the professionalism of their team. From the first contact I had with Leda through the process with Dana I felt that they value the relationship with both the recruit and the hiring company. This is the kind of people you want to team up with.

  • Egil Strunke

    The recruitment process I participated in stretched over several months, but Dana impressed me by always giving straight and constructive feedback and I really felt she supported the process from start to finish. I experienced it more as a business partnership than just a recruitment agency working with a prospect. Thanks for all the support and I look forward to using Tessaro again in the future!

  • Peter Kristensen

    It was a very good experience for me to engage with the Tessaro team, both with Dana and in the initial phase with Leda. I experienced a very thorough and professional, but also personal approach, combined with a good understanding of the market in question, the task, and the profile needed.

  • Peter Håkansson

    I have had the best quality experience by talking to Tessaro´s team with Dana as my Contact. I really appreciate how they understand the business complexity and their approach to finding the best candidates to match the needs of their clients.

  • David Ståhlberg

    I’ve been in touch with Dana and the Tessaro team on several occasions and have been impressed by their combination of deep professional knowledge, and personal warmth and support. The interactions have always been positive, the feedback insightful and candid, and the service level beyond what anyone can expect. I just hope more people have the chance to interact with Tessaro, and that more executive search consultants follow their suit.

  • Davide Angotta
    Managing Partner / Engauge

    I was truly impressed with Tessaro’s in-depth market understanding – even in spaces as complex as TMT -, and proactive approach; plus, in a corporate world now increasingly moving away from monolithic headquarters, their truly multinational setup and personal traits are a very welcome bonus.

  • Javier Martinez Esparza
    VP Southern Europe / Kazam Mobile

    I had the immense pleasure of having a deep conversation with Christina and after 5 min you understand you’re dealing with a company with a truly different approach that obviously brings truly different results. I admire her emotional intelligence and her approach and I can say without hesitation that it is the best recruitment firm I have ever dealt with.

  • Markus Naef
    Country Manager Switzerland and Russia / 20th Century Fox

    Christina and her team deliver outstanding results – they have such a good understanding of the business, the corporate strategies and people required to address current and future needs. If you need a need a professional recruitment service – I fully recommend the Tessaro team!

  • Simon Spalding
    Ex CEO / Yummi Media Group

    Christina gave generously of her time and provided an invaluable perspective on both my resume and my pitch. She took the time to understand me as a candidate and offered support and advice which many head hunters do not trouble themselves to offer. Very impressive.

  • Giuseppe Gullo
    Head of Customer Experience Management / Cornèr Banca SA, Cornèrcard

    I really enjoyed meeting the Tessaro team. They gave me open and honest feedback on my actual situation and also provided helpful recommendations for my future career. Furthermore, they did not finish with me after the recruitment process, but stayed in contact, supporting me.

  • Rafael Ramiro
    Advisor / Balgal SL

    Christina and her team at Tessaro really helped me through the process of getting to know one of the leading studios in Hollywood. She took the time to learn about my capabilities and achievements, and to better show them in my resume. And she really stepped into my shoes when explaining what the studio was looking for in a MD. Overall, after +20 year in business, I was surprised with how much I´ve learnt about me while dealing with Tessaro. Gracias Christina!

  • Donato Pinto
    Amministratore Delegato / Link Finanziaria Spa

    Whenever I had the chance to liaise with Christina for professional reasons, I’ve always found her views and advice extremely insightful and stimulating. Christina is clearly a top player in her field, leveraging on a wide network of contacts combined with deep knowledge of several industries and relevant business models

  • maud van de velde
    Managing Director / 20th Century Fox

    The assessment and recruitment process I experienced with Tessaro was one of the best I have ever had. It was very professional and also personal and it gave me great insights into what I want in my professional career and what I should work on.

  • Louis Reinhardt
    Online Marketing Manager / iMusician Digital AG

    I found my new position thanks to Dana, who profiled me in a very impressive way and knew where I belonged before I even realized. Our talks were always very pleasant and constructive, she helped me relax and believe in my own chances, all the way. Compared with other experiences I had in my job search, the follow up was unusually smooth and gentle. And so far the result also proved to be a perfect match. Thanks again for this opportunity!

  • David Pavón
    Commercial Director Spain H&E / 20th Century Fox

    Christina did great work throughout the process in which I was involved with her and her team. Competence, confidentiality and especially objectivity are the most remarkable aspects, in my view, about her job. Part of this involved her making every effort to help me to make the correct decision. Also, her follow up was exceptional, a quality very difficult to find in this kind of service. I am now enjoying a new project, thanks to Christina’s consulting.

  • Pieter Cosijn
    COO / CDC

    Working with Christina for many years, I have had the opportunity of experiencing her diligent work method as a recruiter from both sides of the “recruitment table.” With her vast experience and international focus, she quickly grasps the recruitment requirements of client companies and the individual qualities of the candidates identified.
    In my professional life, Christina provided me with excellent career counselling. Her open and direct input contributed enormous value when making certain key career changes.

  • Paolo Guffanti
    Executive Director Emerging Markets, EMEA / Bausch & Lomb

    Results, no surprises and great experience. Tessaro consistently delivered in markets with tough access to talent. They were on top of the game at all times, capturing the essence of the mandate. Additionally, the great personalities in the Tessaro Team made our joint efforts truly enjoyable.

  • Sara Testini

    Christina and her team at Tessaro really stand out in the head-hunter sector.
    She always focuses on personality and the skills of people. She is able to underline the value of my perspectives, providing a good balance between professionalism, and ambitions and attitudes, and is always encouraging and challenging.

  • Alessandra Del Prete
    Marketing Director / Microsoft

    I met the Tessaro team some months ago, to evaluate a new job opportunity. They provided me with excellent career counselling, which was very useful for my professional life. Christina’s open and direct input helped me to fully realise what my key strengths and potential were. She also provided constructive feedback on areas of opportunity and on personal development. I would strongly recommend Christina and her team!

  • Peter Coudenys
    Sr. Director International Sales & Marketing / Angiodynamics

    Christina has the ability to quickly see through and understand the reality behind the scene of the industry and the candidate. Sincere feedback and good communication show great skills and benefit to all parties involved. An enriching experience to help you understand your potential and the best next careermove.

  • John Willmott
    VP / Proserv

    Christina has taken the time to understand both my capabilities and aspirations over a number of years. When she presents an opportunity to me, I know that Christina has already carefully matched me to it. Therefore, I am sure that I am being aligned to ideal roles, rather than than being used as a credible candidate just to make up a client short list. Consequently, I always answer the phone when Christina comes calling…

  • Giorgio Battistini
    Deputy Country Manager and VP Commercial Central Asia / BG Group

    Christina and her team have a very interesting approach to recruiting and developing leadership. Interacting with them is always a deeply fulfilling experience and leaves you with the perception that they do care about the individual as well as the requirements of the business. They totally understand the organizational framework and help you to position yourself correctly in that context.

  • Joerg Bachmaier
    EVP EMEA / BBC Worldwide

    What strikes me about Christina is that she really ‘gets it’; I was surprised to find out that she has a real understanding of our business and the future of media and entertainment – especially the cross-platform thinking which is required. This was evident in the 360 multi-screen strategy conversation we had. In my experience, it is usually difficult to have such a meaningful exchange with people in the field of resourcing. I was surprised – generally speaking in the resourcing business, it is more about networking and less about content. Instead, Christina is able to provide all that, whilst connecting the dots for both the candidate and the client. She even takes it one step further and goes way beyond what people normally expect from someone in resourcing, providing not only very helpful insights into the fit in the role and into the market and the corporate, but also valuable to-the point advice, ranging from organizational design to coaching-type activities.

    Christina has a strong team around her at Tessaro and such a good understanding of their clients that she is able to connect with clarity the corporate strategies, processes and people required to address current and future needs.

  • Ian McDonough
    SVP & General Manager, EMEA / BBC Worldwide

    Christina’s committed approach to becoming an expert in our company and industry really impressed me. She undoubtedly saw the solution to a complex recruitment issue well before anyone else. The fact that she pulled this off whilst being incredibly supportive and sensitive to the team was also much appreciated, as was the generous additional time she gave for some career counselling.

  • Marcin Słysz
    Group Product Manager / Novartis

    The recruitment standards presented by Tessaro fully meet the expectations of potential candidates during the recruitment process.
    Their high standards of interviews, accurate role, company and candidate profiles before meetings, as well as the engagement of all the members of Christina Tessaro’s team put this company ahead of others I have met.
    I truly recommend that the Tessaro team be considered if you need a professional recruitment service.

  • Philip De Tavernier
    Finance Director

    Christina provided me with excellent career counselling which turned out to be key for me in taking a new and successful step in my professional life as a Finance Executive. I would highly recommend Christina’s pragmatic approach: her open and direct input was very much to the point and very useful for me in order to help me fully realise what my key strengths and potential are. She also provided constructive feedback on areas of opportunity and on personal development.

  • Fabio Rubeo
    Global Warehouses and Logistic Director / Philip Morris International Inc.

    Christina and her team at Tessaro really stand out in the head-hunter coterie, always putting at the heart of their activities the client’s short and long term interests. Amazingly, and with apparent disregard for Tessaro’s legitimate short-term financial targets, they go the extra mile to understand their client’s business situation and culture, the challenges of the role and the chemistry of the management, leaving no stone unturned until they get to the core of the challenge and are fully prepared to match it with a perfect candidate.

    Working with Christina is a demanding and terrific experience, and make no mistake here, perfectly successful for her clients and the candidate as well.

  • Phil Murphy
    Head of Policy and Corporate Affairs – Europe & Central Asia / International Major Oil & Gas Company

    Davina’s style of coaching is so very effective because she manages to lead her clients through what feels like a voyage of self-discovery. She doesn’t impose her analysis but makes her clients feel as if they have found their own route to a more tranquil, uncluttered space.

  • Gilly Rutherford
    Director / Coaching Consultancy

    Davina has helped me considerably in understanding my issues and challenges, from different perspectives. She has helped me move beyond my self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. She is able to strike the right balance of listening, encouraging and challenging for me to realise new opportunities and create the necessary changes to achieve my goals.

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