Upcoming Free Webinars on “Emotional Resilience”

This year, we will be running these free webinars again. If you are interested in attending and would like us to let you know about the dates, please email revital.benyosef@tessaro.com

These webinars deal with the following subjects:

  1. how to deal with stressful situations and become more resilient
  2. how to deal with situations in which people make you angry or upset

Our work environments are often very stressful – we are asked to work harder and more quickly than our colleagues have in the past, addressing the constantly-changing demands of the external market. Much of the stress we feel, however, is self-imposed. We often drive ourselves to get everything right, or to weather problems without seeking help, and our inner critic is often far harsher than the reprimands of any of our colleagues or clients.

In order to help more people with this issue, we are offering 2 free 1-hour webinars. In these webinars, we will explore how to work with our inner demons, whose voices are often so subtle that we feel their effects but don’t even hear them. We also give practical strategies to support participants in overcoming & pre-empting stress.

The agenda for the webinars is:

To register your interest in either webinar, please email  revital.benyosef@tessaro.com


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