Free Webinar – “Healthy Eating” – April 18th – 12pm GMT/1pm CET


  • giving your body fuel that will help it perform at its best, day after day
  • having a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, while avoiding crash diets & short-term fixes
  • overcoming the triggers that threaten to lure you back to your old eating patterns

Talking to my coaching clients, many of them would like to eat more healthily but they are bewildered by the conflicting information given to them in the news and are struggling to know where to start in terms of improving their diet.

In order to help our clients and many others, we are therefore offering a free 1-hour webinar on April 18th (12pm to 1pm UK/ 1pm to 2pm CET). Rather than proposing one specific diet that is good for everyone, this webinar examines the research into healthy eating by geneticists, chemists, inflammatory experts, doctors and top nutritionists and provides tips to help you make good food choices.

During the webinar, we will cover the following topics:

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