Upcoming Free Webinar – “Breaking bad habits”

Many of us do things that we would rather not be doing – whether that be using our smartphones too much, procrastinating, eating or drinking too much, smoking etc

Conversely, there are other habits that we would love to adopt but find it difficult to do so, such as eating healthily, doing more exercise or spending more time with our kids/friends/family.

Talking to my coaching clients, I often find that they struggle to break bad habits or to form good ones that last, as they are unaware of how this is best achieved.

In order to help more people with this issue, we are looking to offer this free 1- hour webinar again this year (date TBC)

During the webinar, we will cover the following topics:

To register your interest in this free webinar, please email revital.benyosef@tessaro.com


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