Davina Wallis

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Davina Wallis

I am an experienced executive coach, consultant and facilitator, having spent more than 25 years working in Executive Development for, and with, blue chip companies and SMEs in various sectors, including Management Consulting, Services, Entertainment and Energy. I have also worked with organisations in the Charity Sector. For the past 15 years, I have been doing executive coaching, mainly with C-level professionals and designing and running workshops. Six of these years were spent as Executive Development Manager in a multinational oil and gas company and for the following 9 years, I have worked as an external executive coach and facilitator for a variety of blue-chip clients.

Prior to this, I worked at British Airways for 5 years, where I was responsible for the design and development of leading edge development programmes, as well as devising a strategy for their Corporate University.

I have a degree in modern languages and have lived and worked in France, Austria and Italy. I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian (as well as basic German) and have done coaching in English, French and Italian. I also studied educational psychology at the University of London, specialising in adult learning. Following that, I completed an executive coaching programme at Ashridge and later became a certified strengths practitioner.

In my coaching practice, I take an integrative approach, using different methodologies according to the needs of each coachee. I encourage my clients to become more familiar with their own worldview and with what it is like to experience themselves and others through that worldview. In this way, I help them find more effective ways of dealing with the challenges they face. “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world” (Arthur Schopenhauer). I help clients to maximise their natural strengths and areas of motivation, as well as supporting them in breaking repetitive patterns that keep them stuck in habitual forms of behaviour.

In my free time, I do Latin American and Ceroc dancing and I love French, Italian, Spanish and South American music and literature.

Skype: davina.bannister_tessaro

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